“I have been working with Karen Davies now for the past several years from swing  instruction on the practice range to playing lessons and coaching sessions to help me prepare for golf tournaments. Before working exclusively with Karen  I had attended top level, elite golf schools from David Ledbetter to Dave Pelz, including Vision 54 and Fred Shoemaker to learn golf performance skills. So, I can say without hesitation that Karen Davies is by far the most knowledgeable and gifted golf high performance instructor and coach that I have had the pleasure to work with and I look forward to her continued  guidance  with great success and satisfaction.”

Best Regards,
-J. B.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Karen Davies is a teacher’s teacher.  Her skill as a golf coach is on a world class level.  In addition to her technical capability, Karen is a also a fantastic person who possesses the emotional intelligence to help her students through the process of learning this very complex game with compassion and in the most positive and thoughtful way.  She is truly a one of a kind teaching professional.

-C Roberts
CEO RRD Partners, Inc.

I love the way you teach!  You make it simple – You want me to “feel” what I’m doing and in order to make sense of the golf swing motion.  The positive thinking idea is a real game changer as well.  Instead of jokingly saying “I can 3 putt this,” I am now saying, “I can make birdie!” (And I can!)

-J. W.

The workshop I  took last year made the biggest difference in my improvement with my golf game!  One thing that is difficult for me to do is to stay focused for long periods of time on the golf course.  The class was instrumental in teaching me to use the “caddie box” and improving my ability to become  engaged for just 15 – 20 seconds.  That’s all it took for me.  I was able to shave off NINE strokes from  my handicap in the subsequent months following the training.

Secondly, your periodic coaching that reminds me on when and where to focus my attention. Your talent is  to quickly find out the “problem” and then positively reinforce a solution, is invaluable!  You have been great at finding the reason for a problem and are so proficient in  coaching me on  incorporating a positive, yet subtle fix in any area of my game!


I like to think we have worked well together. I have a new way of approaching my game, my swing etc. Instead of negative swing thoughts, which usually end in negative results, I have used my “box”…..once stepping in, I am committed to making the shot with the chosen club and ready to own the result. I then have to find the positive in that result and start the process again, shot by shot, hole by hole….I find I’m not as anxious, more relaxed, and have fun….which is my why for playing the game in the first place. I play because I like the game…..having said this( which all came from the Inner game class) it has certainly helped to have some technical help and support. Our last session of lessons have been particularly helpful….more weight shift, really pushing off with that left side and opening up my right arm in my back swing away from my body. It has given me more distance, for sure. And, best of all, I no longer freak out when I find myself in the bunker….I don’t have to figure out how to navigate around them, I have the guts to go over, knowing that if I don’t make it, I can get out of the trap and on the green. All of this has helped me accomplish goals I have set for myself, with more to come. I find myself looking in the mirror, going thru my “tai chi” slowly executing my swing! I know I have probably left something out, however, I value the things I have learned from you.

Thank you.

“What I love about your approach is that you are willing to work with our physical — and, in my case, mental — limitations.  While I may have 100 or more swing faults, you are kind enough not to depress me by mentioning all of them.  Instead, you choose the one or two key areas that will make the most difference in my game.  And you always take a positive approach; I come away from our sessions feeling supported and encouraged.
And, yes, you may quote me if you want to use any of this.


“ Karen Davies is top notch. I have been playing golf on and off my entire life, therefore have seen quite a few instructors. Once I started getting lessons from Karen it was a game changer for me. Karen explained the mechanics I need to work on so simply.  Because Karen has improved my game, it makes me want to play more and get better.  In addition Karen is very patient and kind, and will also instruct you on your mind set, which is an extremely important part of the game.”

-“Golf is a journey, and I am glad Karen is my roadmap.”