Programs & Instruction

Why is a reliable golf technique important?

One of the most desirable goals in golf is to have a reliable golf swing. If you can rely on your swing you own it and can play your best in any situation. “For you to own your swing” it’s a collaboration and the creation of a multifaceted workable blueprint specific to each player that starts with discovering how your “unique” body & motions function.

Once you have established what your body can do, we can maximize your time commitments with a tailored strategy and process for “you” the player to create a reliable golf swing.

Programs for you golf Improvement:

Golf is a game played on a different “field” from where you learn & train in most instances…..I will always attempt to get players out on the course early in our training & application of skills & systems whether they are technical, mental, emotional or game management & overall approach that lets a player know they are owning “it” and becoming more cause over their game…..this is always a fun and rewarding journey for every player.

Do you know how to best use your time to “practice”?

Current game assessments, skill acquisition challenges, transfer training, competition & event pressure simulation challenges.  I highly recommend players incorporate “skill assessments” as a way to determine their progress & being able to create more real and challenging game conditions in practice sessions.

Lesson Rates:
All pricing shown are for guests to Pinnacle Peak  Country Club.

Adult                                                                                                           Junior lesson
30 minute session  $60            1hour $125                                           30mins  $50        1hour   $95

Additional Options:

90min on course playing session (1-player) $190

Six 30 minute prepaid lesson series $325

Semi private 30 minute session $70      

1 hour semi private session $135

Gift Certificates Available.

Please contact me directly for details. 

Please Note: Member account charge, cash, check for payment or with a credit card can be accepted by Karen.
Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice is required.